Sign Language Interpreter/Deaf and hard of Hearing Program - (Substitute

TITLE: Sign Language Interpreter
REPORTS TO: Classroom Teacher/Program Supervisor/Executive Director
QUALIFICATIONS: High School Diploma
Ability to interpret/transliterate in classes for assigned hearing impaired students
Working knowledge of the Code of Ethics of the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf
Certificate of completion of an interpreter training program or
Illinois Type 10 Certificate in DHH, Highly Qualified EIPA/3.0 or higher
EVALUATIONS: Conducted on an annual basis in accordance with Cooperative guidelines
TERMS OF EMPLOYMENT: Length of employment, salary and benefits determined by the Board of Directors of SWCCCASE
Instructionally Related Activities
Assists the teacher in the provision of specific instructional services for each assigned student based on the IEP
Under teacher supervision, tutors pupils and conducts small group academic instruction
Assists in the organization of assignments and materials as directed
Responds to student questions using an appropriate language model and according to the needs of the student
Assists in gross and fine motor instruction as appropriate
Assists in art, music and special projects
Under teacher supervision, assists in routine testing procedure and assists diagnostic personnel in communicating with hearing impaired students during evaluation situations
Assists teacher in grading and recording student work
Assists in charting students progress as directed
Assists in supervision and organization of field trips
Acts as liaison with substitute teacher and class
Interprets for students with hearing impairments in regular education academic or special classes as assigned using signed English
Facilitates communication between students general and special education teachers
Also assists students without disabilities in general classes during independent class work
Interprets or translates for students with hearing impairments in counseling and discipline situations and other pertinent activities as specified on IEP
Maintains a notebook of vocabulary and assignments to be available to substitute interpreters
Conducts sign language in-service classes or workshops for hearing students, teacher, other personnel or parents as requested
Participates in workshops for students with hearing impairments and/or school personnel regarding the role of the interpreter as needed
Substitutes in a class when another interpreter is absent and an outside substitute is unavailable
Assists students with bathroom/hygiene needs according to teacher request for needs of students; uses appropriate sanitation during these activities
Assists with playground duties and lunchroom supervision as requested
Demonstrates commitment to the safety of students by knowing emergency procedures, ways to avoid injuries, and anticipating and avoiding injuries
Follows through on behavior programs, including handling minor behavior situations
Assists students on and off buses and to classes or other area as designated
Assists in appropriate positioning of students, where applicable
Performs other duties as assigned
Clerical and Organizational Tasks
Prepares and changes bulletin boards under teacher supervision
Assists in collecting and collating required forms, receipts and monies
Assists in coordinating and submitting staff and student attendance
Assists in organizing and maintaining supplies and materials
Demonstrates care for and correct use and maintenance of equipment
Maintains files as requested by teacher
Escorts students to and from activities and locations
Assists in inventory, packing and unpacking
Assists in cleaning and maintaining a neat and orderly work environment
Confers with teacher on a regular basis regarding daily expectations, program and student needs
Assists teacher in maintaining open and effective communication with school and community
Communicates in a positive, helpful and efficient manner with students, peers, supervisors, parents, district staff and visitors
Facilitates communication between deaf and hard of hearing students and others by conveying the message being transmitted accurately and fully
Develops and maintains an appropriate interpreter-client professional relationship with students for whom they are providing services
Maintains confidential all student records and information contained therein, and other assignment-related information
Attends required in-services
Follows policies and procedures of the Cooperative
Is flexible and adaptable to change
Uses judgement appropriately
Conducts self in an appropriate and ethical manner
Treats others with respect and dignity
Demonstrates continual assessment of personal effectiveness and responds professionally to feedback
Participates in professional growth activities
Actively participates in the evaluation process
Maintains a clean work area
Dresses appropriately
Interpreters shall follow the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf, Inc. Code of Ethics, as amended from time to time, which shall be deemed to include but not limited to the following:
1) Interpreters shall keep all student records and information contained therein, and other assignment-related information, confidential.
2) Interpreters shall facilitate communication between deaf and hard of hearing students and others by conveying the message being transmitted accurately and fully.
3) Interpreters shall not counsel, advise or interject their personal opinions when performing interpreting services.
4) Interpreters shall accept assignments carefully, taking into account skill level, the setting, and the needs of the student involved.
5) Interpreters shall request compensation for extra-curricular and overtime interpreting services in a professional and timely manner, and shall follow all Cooperative rules regarding compensation.
6) Interpreters shall conduct themselves in a manner appropriate to each particular assignment.
7) Interpreters shall not become personally involved with students for whom they are interpreting.
8) Interpreters shall not accept assignments to provide services for family members, personal friends or business associates, or the children of personal friends or business associates, without advising his/her supervisor of the relationship in advance of the assignment.
9) Interpreters shall attend required inservice trainings and professional meetings and participate in professional growth activities, including but not limited to reading current literature and interacting with professional colleagues.
10) Interpreters shall maintain high professional standards.
Performs other duties as assigned by program supervisor and/or Executive Director

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