Substitute Teacher

TITLE: Teacher
REPORTS TO: Program Supervisor
SUPERVISES: Paraprofessional (aide/assistant)
QUALIFICATIONS: Bachelors Degree in Special Education or specialized area; current Illinois Certification in area of service; official transcripts, three professional references (including one from most recent immediate supervisor), declination of/request for hepatitis; Valid drivers license and certification in CPR preferred.
EVALUATIONS: Conducted on an annual basis in accordance with Cooperative guidelines
TERMS OF EMPLOYMENT: Length of employment, salary and benefits determined by the Board of Directors of SWCCCASE
Vision of Learning:
Develops a long range plan, with high expectations, based on instructional/thematic/therapeutic sequence
Works collaboratively in assessment and educational program planning with members of a trans-disciplinary team
Demonstrates knowledge and research in field/area of specialty
Involves learner in setting goals, choosing tasks and evaluating progress
Facilitates development of thinking, learning and communication strategies
Views flexibility and demonstrates a willingness to grow
Communicates in an effective, collaborative and positive manner with colleagues, students and families
Works collaboratively with outside agencies and personnel, when appropriate, to assist with meeting student needs
Learning Context and Differentiated Instruction
Demonstrates an understanding of multiple content areas
Implements on-going assessment, therapeutic and instructional, in a classroom based, integrated approach across the curriculum
Personalizes instruction to support individual needs, strengths and interests
Employs a variety of techniques, methods and materials to meet individual student needs
Designs instruction that is integrated, challenging, authentic and engages the learner
Provides instruction that supports learners in all areas of development including social, educational, physical, emotional and communication
Integrates student goals and objectives into all areas of instruction
Organizes time, environment, materials and equipment to facilitate learning
Conducts on-going authentic assessment
Involves students in the assessment process
Interprets assessment in an equitable and culturally fair manner
Demonstrates knowledge of the screening/referral/evaluation process
Selects and utilizes assessment methods that have meaning for the learner
Staff Roles
Obtains and applies knowledge and strategies from the various disciplines which make up the trans-disciplinary team
Demonstrates continual assessment of personal and program effectiveness
Maintains and documents on-going communication with families
Assumes responsibility for designing systems of support for students and families (e.g. parent meetings/workshops, home training, etc.)
Assists with in-servicing district personnel on the needs of students in the program/classroom
Participates in transition planning, when appropriate
Executes management tasks required to conduct meetings, completes paperwork, manages student files, maintains classroom inventory and supervises paraprofessional staff
Sets an example for students to follow
Demonstrates knowledge of first aid and health related/emergency procedures
Participates in professional growth activities
Demonstrates professionalism
Follows policies and procedures established by the Cooperative
Follows policies and procedures of Southwest Cooperative
Demonstrates flexibility and is adaptable to change
Uses judgment appropriately
Conducts self in appropriate and ethical manner
Treats others with respect and dignity
Demonstrates continual assessment of personal effectiveness and responds professionally to feedback
Participates in professional growth activities
Actively participates in the evaluation process
Maintains a clean work area
Dresses appropriately
Communication Skills
Performs as an integral member of the educational team
Maintains confidentiality in matters related to this position
Relates in a helpful, positive and efficient manner with peers, supervisors, and all those in contact with SWCCCASE
Performs other such duties as may be assigned

Don't Be Fooled

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